TOPIC: Climate Justice Movements


John Foran, Lead Curator
Professor of Sociology
UC Santa Barbara

Contributions:  Drafted the Introduction; posted five syllabi of climate justice courses taught at UCSB.

Sarah Jaquette Ray, Co-Curator
Professor of Environmental Studies
Humboldt State University

Contributions:  Edited the Introduction.

Mark Stemen, Co-Curator
Professor of Geography and Planning
CSU Chico

Contributions:  Edited the Introduction.

Richard Widick, Co-Curator
Visiting Scholar
Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies
UC Santa Barbara

Contributions:  Edited the Introduction; posted Top-Image video still of the People’s Climate March at COP 17, Durban, South Africa, December 2011; created and posted the short film The Three Injustices [Widick, IICAT Films, 2016]; created and posted the film Climate Deadline – Paris, December 2015 [Widick, MGP 2015].  Acquired and posted the still image of street art featuring Extinction Rebellion and the paint scrawlings ‘Climate Change is Racism’ and ‘Climate Change is Class War’ from at large photographer Alison Kronberg.